Luray Garden Club Officers

President: Rose Ann Smythe
Vice President: Susan King
Recording Secretary: Patty Comstock
Corresponding Secretary: Debi Foster
reasurer: Susan Zorn
Chaplain: Linda Dudley
Accredited Master Flower Show Judge – Gretchen Mulligan

The Luray Garden Club was formed in 1931, then Federated in 1933.


  • National Garden Clubs, Inc.
  • South Atlantic Region of the National Council
  • Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Shenandoah District

Club Motto: “We pass this way but once. Let us beautify the paths as we go so the world may see the way we went.”   Edward Bok

Club Flower: Iris

Club Bird: Cardinal

President’s Theme: “One is Nearer God’s Heart in a Garden Than Anywhere Else on Earth.” Dorothy Gurney

A Short History of the Luray Garden Club

In 1930 the Luray Garden Club was organized as the Page County Women’s Club with three separate departments or committees: Garden, Civic, and Library. Because it needed more funds for civic work than its apportionment raised by the Women’s Club, the Garden Committee decided it could work more efficiently as an independent organization. On November 16, 1931 the Luray Caverns Garden Club was formed. Our club flower, motto, and objectives were adopted at this time. Later the word “Caverns” was dropped from the title.

In 1933 representatives from the Luray Garden Club attended the organizational meeting in Norfolk for the founding of the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs. In November 1934 the sixteen clubs in the Shenandoah District were organized. This was the first district to organize in the state.

The Luray Garden Club has enhanced the community over the years through its projects in the Town of Luray, in the County of Page, and through its contributions to individuals and organizations outside of the county. The following is a list of many but not all of such contributions:

  • Tree Planting Projects
  • Bulb Planting
  • Cemetery Upkeep/Clean-up Restoration
  • Clean-up Crews
  • Donations of Floral Designs for community enjoyment at various public buildings and events
  • Home Tours
  • Educational Workshops
  • Flower Shows
  • Landscaping of Landmarks, Public Buildings, and Roadsides
  • Monetary Donations to local, state, and national organizations to benefit individuals and groups
  • Nature Camp contributions
  • Nursing Home Projects
  • Recycling Projects
  • Resource for Extension Office
  • Seasonal Community Decorations
  • Tree Board Representative

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