Officer & Committe Chair Duties

Duties of Garden Club Officers


Shall plan the Installation of Officers for her term of office.
Shall lead the Garden Club in the monthly meetings.
Represent LGC in the community.
Shall hold at least three Executive Board Meetings each year.
She may call additional meetings when necessary.
Represent LGC at the district meetings.
Oversees activities of the garden club committees.
Act as advisor, to keep the Vice-President knowledgeable of garden club affairs.
Sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

Vice President:

Shall lead the garden club in the President’s absence.
Shall complete the President’s term of office if the President is unable.
Keep abreast of garden club activities.
Chair the Program committee and be responsible for the Garden Tour.
Arrange for and present the VFGC Life Membership Pin, or the equivalent, to the outgoing President at her last meeting.

Recording Secretary:

Record minutes of the club meetings & Executive Board meetings.
Keep an accurate record of attendance at monthly meetings and executive board meetings
Make copies of the minutes to give to the President.
Sends monthly meeting announcement to the paper and photos when available, and sends info to the district newsletters and state publications.

Corresponding Secretary:

Shall share correspondence with the Garden Club.
Answer any correspondence as necessary.
Sends welcome letters to new members and letters of notification to new Honored and/or Associate Members.
Sends out get well and sympathy cards.
Collect and archive membership applications.


Shall collect and disperse monies.
Keep an accurate account of all money.
Pay District and any State fees as necessary.
Prepare and present annual budget for approval.


Assists the President in planning & leading Memorial Services.
Notify family member for whom a memorial service is planned.
Provides blessing and prayers as appropriate.

Duties of Committee Chairs

Awards & Monthly Flower Exhibits
Schedule design categories for a two-year period.

Follows the rules of the Shenandoah District. Awards Committee is responsible for keeping a record of flower show, horticulture, and design points in preparation for honoring members with awards in April. This committee prepares the books of evidence for awards to be turned in to the district and/or the state.

Organizes plans, procures a location, and writes schedules for a Flower Show.

Schedules must be made out months ahead of time and sent to the district contact person for approval. The committee also sets up the location for the show with signs, labels, colors, clerks, and anything else needed.

Monthly Flower Exhibit Committee:

Are responsible for arriving a half-hour early to each meeting. They will organize horticulture into appropriate categories and judge the horticulture exhibits and design exhibits according to the Garden Show Handbook rules and regulations. Blue, red, yellow, and white stickers shall be awarded to deserving exhibits and recorded in the book of evidence. The annual award point totals are used to determine awards in April.

Keeps the membership abreast of bird habits and habitats on a monthly basis.

Civic & Community Projects:

Informs membership about local events and other items of interest. Makes arrangements with town officials to have a tree or shrub planted as a living memorial in the Memorial Garden for deceased member. Maintains, plans, and carries out community projects for the club.

Conservation & Horticulture:
Advises the membership of current conservation practices within our environment & gardening practices on a monthly basis.

Country Store:

Schedules members to bring items to sell at each meeting and sets them up with a Silent Auction sheet. Proceeds will be deposited in the Club account.


Assigns two members to serve as hostesses at each monthly Arranges for location, plans menu, and provides table decorations for the annual Christmas Luncheon and for the Installation of Officers.

Flower Show:

Organizes, plans, and writes schedules for a Flower Show. Schedules must be made out months ahead of time and sent to the district contact personnel for approval. The plan must include labels, colors, clerks, etc. A location must also be secured and signage created for the show.


Plans the library schedule for the two-year duration and oversees for flower arrangements provided to the library by the LGC.


Made up of the past three presidents and prepares a slate of officers to be considered in February, voted on in March, and installed in April of election year.


Sells chances at monthly meetings for $1.00 each or 4 for $3.00. A drawing to be held during the meeting with 50% of the split to the winner and 50% to the club.

Scrapbook/ Yearbook/ Website:

Prepares the happenings of the club through pictures, news articles, and anything relating to the club. Prepares the 2 year span yearbook for members’ use.


Will call each Associate Member before meetings to report to monthly hostesses how many Associates will be attending.

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