LGC Monthly Meeting – January 11th, 2022

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We were delighted to have 18 people in attendance at our Garden Club meeting this week to enjoy the delicious desserts and treats prepared by Roberta and Karen.  Members brought in a very impressive collection of cut arboreal specimens, herbs and cut foliage as well as several container grown plants in bloom.

In addition to all the horticulture, our judging team was  busy judging the 4 petite and 3 standard size Let it Snow designs:

Thank  you Susan King for engaging a wonderful floral designer as our presenter. Grace Morris gave an inspiring program on design, creating an Art Deco arrangement right before our eyes, along with an elegant creative design of tulips and fasciated willow. She also shared with us a very imaginative petite design.

Karen's Report Owls and their different cries and silent flight was so interesting! And Rich's Horticulture Report on laying out a plan for the garden in the winter months was reminding us that gardening is a year-round endeavor.

We were so grateful to have Cathy Mauk donate aloe cuttings and Roberta donate "mother of millions" sedum cuttings to the Country Store so we could take some home to plant AND raise money for the Club.

Roberta won the raffle this month, and I think her take was about $15. Woohoo!

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