2022 Flower Show – Treasuring Our Roots


Our 2022 Flower Show, themed around 'Treasuring Our Roots,' was held on May 21st and featured an incredible number of horticulture entries, beautiful design entries, and enjoyed great interest from our community. 

We are currently processing the many pictures that were taken that day (there are over 1000 of them!) and we will be posting the best of them below.  Each section of images is a gallery.  If you click on one of the images, it will open much larger on your screen, and you'll be able to use the navigation arrows on either side of the larger picture to flip through all the images within that gallery.   We will try to divide the galleries up according to sections and/or classes. 


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(You can see the Flower Show Schedule here)

Horticulture Division

"What Surrounds Us"

Class A: Container Grown Plants

"Nana's Treasures"

Class 1: Foliage Plants

Class 2: Flowering Plants

Class 3: Succulents & Cactus

Class B: Cut Arboreal Trees & Shrubs

 "Deep Roots"

Class 4-7: Boxwood; Virginia pine; Oak Tree; Any other worthy

Class C: Cut Perennial Flowers

 "Blooming for Decades"

Class 8: Iris

{More Pictures Coming SOON!}

Design Division

There were several design categories to involve all skill levels, from true novice to masters. 

[Pictures Coming Soon!}

Older Info for Preparing the Show

Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Admission is Free and Open to the Public from 1-4 pm

Flower Show Schedule:

The show schedule has been finalized and you can CLICK HERE to download it.


Sign-Ups For Designs:

  • Section A: What Defines Us:
    • Class 1. Mountains, Caverns, and Waterfalls – A Cascade Design
      • Mary Beth McGurin
      • Gretchen Mulligan
      • Rebecca Burroughs
      • Cathy Mauck
    • Class 2. The Valley Is Calling – An American Traditional Design
      • Joan Kestermann
      • Rose Ann Smythe
      • Susan Zorn
      • Susan Rinaca
    • Class 3. Merchants on Main Street – An 8″ Petite Design
      • Roberta Arcand
      • Monical McCourt
      • Loree Fisher
      • Gretchen Mulligan
    • Class 4. Life on the Farm – A Parallel Design
      • Sandra Modersohn
      • Janet Williams
      • Susan King
      • __________________________



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