Exhibtor Rules & Awards

Garden Club Exhibit Rules

  1.  Exhibits are to be in place by 12:30 p.m.
  2. The HANDBOOK  FOR FLOWER SHOWS revised 2017 is the authority for all exhibits.
  3. All Design styles may be either creative modern or traditional
  4. A Petite Design style may range from 3″ to 12″.  A large design is one taller than 12″
  5. An exhibitor is permitted one exhibit in each design class – one Petite design and one Large design. The same title is used for both designs.
  6. Unless otherwise indicated designers choice of plant may be used in all designs.  This means either all fresh or all dried or a combination of both may be used in the designs. Other  components and accessories  may be used in the design classes as well.
  7. All exhibits in the Horticulture Division must have been grown by the exhibitor.
  8. No than 10 specimens per person per meeting
  9. A class may be decided by species, variety, color or size.
  10. The following may always be exhibited:
  11. a) a potted plant (must have been in owners possession or 90 days). (b) collections or display.
  12. Each member is asked to bring in three exhibits a club year  either in Horticulture  or design.
  13. Ribbons will be given for monthly exhibits:Blue: 3 points, Red: 2 points,Yellow: 1 point,Entry: 1/2 point if no award
  14. Any member entering a standard flower show would receive the same points for ribbons as the monthly exhibits. Member receives 5 points for a special award.